Wednesday, October 15, 2008

First Day of Doom or I'm quitting and moving to Mexico

Well today was supposed to be my first day of working two jobs but that wasn't meant to be. Turns out my two jobs are a conflict of interest, go figure. So now I have to choose which one I want to stay at.

Fun times, I think I know what I'm going to choose but I want to hear your opinions. Do I work at my old job where I can make money IF there is work (and that's a big IF) where I can be laid off at any time? Or do I stay at the new job making less money but have more job security, with the potential of promoting up in the company?

Decisions, decisions.

I choose C. I'm going to become a public speaking mime.


Tim said...

I think you should let your kid dress like a zombie monkey. That will solve all your issues.

Kim said...

Which job do you think you'd enjoy more? Sounds like there are advantages to both jobs, but don't do something that will make you miserable. (And now you can decide what to do with that comment, even if it means laughing and purging it from your mind forever.)

Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

So, which one did you pick?

isobar said...

We miss you a whole lot at carousels M and N! Everybody says hi.