Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Details on new TMNT game for the Wii

From the latest Nintendo Power:

- published by Ubisoft
-official development started Jan. 2008
-concept started Oct. 2007
-to be released in Sept. 2009
-2.5D Fighter
-Interactive Stages
-4 player versus
-Story Mode
-Battle Royal
-Winner Stays
-Loser Stays
-Unlockable Characters
-Unlockable Stages
-Online aspects said to be better than Brawl implementation
-Each character is color coded with glowing effect to make 4-player battles easy to follow
-Developed by members of Team Ninja and the Smash Bros development teams.

Its been a long time since we've had a decent Ninja Turtle game. Will the streak of bad games finally be broken?

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