Sunday, October 25, 2009

Looney Bay: Black Light Sunday

This week was the annual Black light sunday where we replace the regular light blubs with black light bulbs. We then play Nightmare before Christmas music. Its fun watching your retinas melt out of your head.

Lesson: It was inside that counts

Script: Sam makes fun of Mashed Potatoes. Hootenanny makes inside out potion that makes you change into what you are on the inside. The Clown poisons Sam and Red with the inside out potion. Sam turns into a goblin and Red turns into Nemo?

Thoughts: I always slip into Al Gore mode when I bring out Mashed Potatoes since they have the same voice. He started preaching about carbon emissions from jack-o-lanterns and underwear. I think its John's favorite character.

We also had Joker and Harley Quinn take over the children's church. Bat Kid showed up to stop them and was laughed out of the building. And then Super Granny beat Joker with a cane. No really.

Blunders: Nothing to report other than Jack Skellington singing during the prayer.

Overall: It was fun but I'm glad its over.

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