Sunday, November 1, 2009

Looney Bay: The Great Candy Commission

Its missions week in Looney Bay.

Lesson: The Great Commission

Script: The Amazing Who missed Halloween due to the time change, so he asked Moody to give out free candy to everyone he saw. The Devil arrives and convinces Moody not to give out candy. Reasons included "They'll make fun of you", "He doesn't deserve candy", "He's different than you". At the end Moody missed out on great rewards because he didn't give out the free gift.

Thoughts: I hate to toot my own horn but this was a good script. Some weeks I write scripts and they go nowhere but this one was clear and on point.

Oh and John did a killer magic trick this week. I saw a few kid's heads explode. It was crazy.

Goofs: None

Overview: Good week.

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