Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Alliance Council of Zoological Research announces Major Breakthrough

Alliance Council of Zoological Research has been working diligently to restore the ecology of the battered moon of Endor. Many will remember the moon of Endor to be the location of the Alliance's greatest victory against the Empire. A team of rebel soldiers led by Han Solo deactivated a force field generator on the moon's surface that allowed the Rebel Alliance to destroy the second Death Star. Assisting the Rebels were the furry inhabitants of the Moon of Endor, the Ewoks.

Unfortunately for the Ewoks, the explosion of a nuclear powered space station in the moon's orbit caused devastating damage to the environment. Radiation poisoning wiped out much of the moon's plant life and caused permanent baldness to the ewoks.

The Alliance Council of Zoological Research has tried for years to solve this problem. Today we are happy to announce a major breakthrough.

Thank you for your sacrifice Ewoks. You guys are the best.

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HBC Secretary said...

Can I get one of those green ones?