Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spoiled TV

You know, when LOST ends there really won't be any point in watching TV anymore. No other show out there even comes close to the levels of complexity that LOST brings week in and week out. The show really makes you think. It has really spoiled us.

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M K said...

I'll tell you a secret about LOST. There is no plot. They're making it all up just to make you think there's some kind of plot, which there isn't. The last episode will end much like The Prisoner did, and everybody will debate their various pet theories over "what it really means" for a while, and they'll all be wrong because it's really being written by some pseudo-intelligent A.I. that can manage to string a bunch of words together into a sentence.

Blue poison might nicely grind part truncate participle! There you go, that's a season worth of plot right there!

In other news, TV is evil. I've also never seen an episode of LOST, ever. Stop watching TV and do yourself some good.