Wednesday, March 4, 2009

98...99... 100 POSTS!



This blog has actually reached 100 posts?

Woo hoo! We did it!

That's amazing. I thought for sure that the blog would be dead by now. But now it survives and it thrives!

Enough dwelling on the past, lets look to the future. Some of you may be wondering what the project for this month is?

Well there's not one :o

I'm taking the month of March to work on the existing projects: the short story, the flash toon, and Brothers Gotta Blog.

Brothers Gotta Blog isn't dead, its just being retooled at the moment. I'm hoping to have it up through the end of the month.

On the Flash Toon front, I'm still in the storyboarding phase. Planning out scenes and how long they are. My wonderful brother bought me a drawpad for the computer so I'm hoping to see some real progress this month.

There hasn't been much progress on the short story. All the details are in my head, I just need to sit down and write it.

You may be asking what's the deal with all of these projects. Well for years I've been saying I'm going to write a story, I'm going to make a cartoon, I'm going to make a website, I'm going to make a movie, I'm going to make a video game, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. I have a notebook sitting at home with about 50 different ideas in it for projects.

Well I'm turning 30 on June 2nd. I've decided that if I'm not actively persuing one of these projects by the time I'm 30 then I never will. In other words, its time to get to work.

I never sat around dreaming that I would be a claims adjuster when I was a child. Its time to chase my real dreams.

I know there is going to be set backs (I'm looking at you, Brothers Gotta Blog) and even failures but I'm confident that I'm on the pathway to successs.

Here's looking to our one year anniversary in October. Hopefully we'll see quite a few projects up and off the ground by then.

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