Wednesday, March 11, 2009

RBP: On the day we said goodbye

On the day we said goodbye
Bruce blubbered like a whale
the images were seared into his brain
of scary rubber nipples on his suit
from the belfry he did fly
No one was there to see his final debut

On the day we said goodbye
He lost her so the tears fail
and were vaporised by his laser sword
he loved her and treated her like a mister
but he set the x-wing coordinates for the sun
if only he had known she was his sister

on the day we said goodbye
down the stairs the children tumbled
under the watchful gaze of the white rabbit
after years of setbacks he had finally won
took a bite of the cereal he did
and realized it didn't taste so fun

on the day we said goodbye
take charge of your life she said
so he took her siblings blanket and did just that
He was sad that she was dead
the dog mocked his sorrow so down he went
and he sat all alone, the kid with the round head

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