Friday, September 4, 2009


Sometime last week little black and white signs with the phrase "" started popping up all over Louisville. I was curious so I visited the site. There's a mysterious countdown and a clue reading "ten4eleven44". There are also links to facebook and twitter.

What could it mean?

At first I thought it was a radio station since ten-4 is radio talk, but that doesn't work. AM stations end in 0 and FM stations are odd numbers.

Someone suggested that its the time of a church service... 11:44. Sounds weird but I guess plausible.

Maybe its a pattern, ten4, eleven44, twelve444?

Here is my guess. If you take ten4eleven44 and turn it into calculator upside talk you get: hhllhol or Hellhole. I knew it! Louisville is on top of a Hellmouth that is going to open in October. Someone call Buffy!

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