Sunday, September 6, 2009

Looney Bay: Toy Circus

This week John tried to break all of my transformers toys... I mean collectibles.

Lesson: Fruit of the Spirit (Joy)

Script: The mysteriously diabolical clown, opened a toystore and started selling transformers. Who knows where he go them from but I'm sure it was illegal. Sam starts begging Herm for money because he has to have the newest figure. But the figures don't bring joy and he has to buy another and another and another.

adlibs: I failed to realize that Sam wouldn't be able to pick up the toys since his hands didn't work so he had to bite all the toys. So we started adlibing that Sam was eating the transformers. Also we got to use the drawbridge to display the toys! We never use the drawbridge!

Blunders: John dropped a couple of the transformers and they exploded into pieces. Luckily the newer transformers just pop back together. The old ones from the 80's would have been unable to be fixed.

Overall: Good day

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