Friday, April 17, 2009

Lost Theory: Claire

Today we are going to talk about Claire.

AS you know Claire was sleeping in a Dharma House that got blown to smithereens. She later appears unscathed though Miles (I see dead people) kept acting weird when she was around. In that same episode in the flashforward, Jack is reading Alice in Wonderland to Aaron. The passage talks about Alice waking up and being something altogether different.

Claire later wanders off, abandoning Aaron, and never returns. She is later seen all happy and giggly in the Cabin with Christian Shepherd.

So what is going on here? Is Claire a ghost now? That's what I thought at first... but this isn't the first time we've seen this.

Danielle's crew acts in a similar way after returning from the Smoke Creature's Lair. They tell Danielle to join them and get murderous when she chooses not to. These guys were not ghosts. Danielle put very real bullets in their heads and left fly covered corpses.

So what's with these guys? Brainwashed in the Jacob loves you room? Ghosts? Animated corpses? Zombies?!? Can something on the island animate the dead and make them do their bidding? I'm not sure but there are some strange things going on in that temple. When people enter, they don't return the same.

Is what happened to Claire different than what happened to Danielle's crew? Was Danielle's crew on Jacob's list? Just some questions to ponder as we race toward the finish.

Up Next: my guesses for the rest of season 5.

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