Monday, April 13, 2009

Lost Theory: Jacob

Welcome to Lost Theory week here at the cave. Today we'll be tackling the biggest Lost mystery: Jacob.

Who is he? What is he? Is he connected to the four toed statue?

We'll take a look after the jump.

A note about these theories. I might be right with these theories, more than likely I'm wrong.

But if I'm right don't lynch me for spoiling the show for you. :p

Before we get to who Jacob is, lets take a look at some previous facts:

Way back in season one the losties discovered two skeletons in a cave and dubbed them Adam and Eve.
When people turn the wheel to exit the island they end up in Tunisia.
There are Egyptian symbols everywhere on the island.

Okay so who is Jacob. Well Jacob is... Jacob. No really. Jacob from the Old Testament.

Okay before you stop reading, hear me out...

Time for a quick sunday school recap. In the Old Testament Jacob was the trickster. He tricked his brother Esau out of his father's birthright. Esau vows revenge and Jacob flees. Jacob himself is tricked by Laban and later his own children.

Jacob wants to marry Laban's daughter Rachel, Laban says he can after 7 years of servitude. Jacob is tricked into marrying Rachel's not so attractive sister Leah instead. Jacob then marries Rachel as well after promising even more years of service.

So what does this have to do with Lost? Well Rachel wanted kids, but she could have none. Sound familiar? Leah and various handmaidens bare 10 children. Rachel finally gives birth, but then dies during the birth of her second son... Benjamin! Dun Dun.

Jacob is then deceived by his children. The sons claim that Jacob's favorite son Joseph is killed but he is in fact sold into slavery. Joseph later becomes a ruler in Egypt forgives his brothers and is reunited with his father. I know I'm leaving a lot out...

Now here's where it ties back into Lost. When Jacob dies, the egyptians allow him and Leah to be buried in the cave of the patriarchs. Joseph leads a huge state funeral back to Canaan, with the 12 sons carrying their father's coffin and many Egyptian officials accompanying them.

Is it possible that the funeral party got split up and lost somehow. Tunisia is near Egypt, though in the opposite direction of Canaan. The funeral group ends up on the island, the same way Ben and Locke ended up in Tunisia by turning the wheel.

Jacob and Leah are buried in the cave. The handful of Isrealites and Egyptians are stranded on the island and form the Others. The Others are shocked to see Jacob out and about on the Island. The island brings him back to life or he's a ghost. The Others worship Jacob but he tells them to worship God. The Egyptians don't like this and they imprison Jacob.

One of the Egyptians, Richard, becomes the leader of the Others. Richard talks the people into worshipping a false idol, Tawaret. Tawaret is the egyptian goddess of fertility. A goddess who only has four toes!?!? The israelites are known for being misled into worshipping false idols, golden calf anyone.

God reigns down his judgement on the island, cursing the Others to not be able to bare children. The Others turn back to Jacob and God. Richard is demoted. They choose a leader who is the only one allowed to speak to Jacob, similar to Moses going up on the Mount to talk to God...

More Tomorrow: Jacob's imprisonment, The Smoke Monster, Christian Shepherd

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