Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lost Theory: Smokey

Apologies for the brief delays. It took me awhile to figure out how to do expandable posts. Onto today's theories about the smokey monster.

As I said yesterday I think the Others were punished for worshipping a false idol. Could the Smoke Monster be God's wraith or a plague that is on the island judging them? Maybe an angel of death?

Farfetched? Sure but this is Lost we are talking about.

Another idea is that the smoke monster was summoned by Annubis as seen in the hyrogliphics in the recent episode. Is Richard Annubis? Could the smoke monster have been summoned by Richard to use against Jacob?

Or was the smoke monster created during the incident that happened to dharma. We have yet to see any of the smoke monster in 70's flashbacks.

We know that the smoke monster can view your memories and pass judgement. We also know that it can absorb dead bodies and appear as them. He did this with Yemi and possibly Christian Shepherd.

This begs the question is Christian a ghost or has he been the smoke monster the whole time. Lets play with the theory that he has been the smoke monster the whole time.

Christian/Smokey have been manipulating things from the beginning. He tells Vincent the dog to wake up Jack after the crash. He leads Jack to the caves. He appears as Yemi and tells Eko to keep pushing the button when Locke stops.

At this point Eko/Desmond/Locke screw up and the purple sky incident happens. I think smokey and Jacob both got hurt at this point. Smokey returns as Yemi and passes judgment on Eko. Eko's last words to Locke are "You're next". Smokey ain't happy.

Locke later meets Jacob in the cabin. Jacob calls for help. He's been hurt pretty badly by the purple sky incident or is it because of his imprisonment? There's a circle of sulfur around the cabin. Locke breaks the circle when he stumbles out of the cabin.

What is the circle for? To keep Jacob in the cabin or more likely to keep Smokey out.

The next time we see the cabin it is appearing randomly around the island scaring poor Hurley. Is Jacob trying to hide from Smokey?

More evidence that Christian is Smokey. In one of the flashforwards, Jack hears the smoke detector go off. He goes to check and then sees his father sitting there.

Down the road Locke and Ben return to the cabin. Locke sees Christian Shepherd and Claire in the cabin. (We'll talk about Claire tomorrow) There is no sign of Jacob anywhere in the cabin, only Christian saying he is speaking for Jacob. Just what did Smokey do with Jacob?

Christian at this point begins to really manipulate Locke. All the instructions that Locke is getting from Christian are not from Jacob at all, they are from Smokey. He tells him to move the island. Locke does. He then tells Locke he is going to have to make a sacrifice. Locke is going to have to die. Why would smokey want to do this? Because he is tired of Locke screwing things up like he did with pushing the button. He wants to be John Locke.

Locke dies and is brought back to the island.

We next see Christian appear to Sun and Lapidus. He tells them they have a long journey ahead. Then the next morning... Locke is alive and well on the beach. Or is he. Locke is acting very weird. Where had he been up to this point? Well he was on the other island talking to Sun as Christian. Smokey is now Locke and poor Locke is still dead.

Locke/Smokey now begins manipulating Ben. He prods him on to the temple to be judged and then leaves when the smoke monster comes out to judge him. Smokey then appears as Alex and tells Ben to not lay a finger on Locke or he'll kill him. Why would he do this? Because he needs Ben to work for him. Smokey's plans are going to get messed up if Ben keeps manipulating things.

Are there other forces at play? Just what is in the temple?

So there's my Locke is Smoke Monster theory. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Tomorrow: we'll chat about claire, ghosts, and happy people(zombies?!?)

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