Friday, April 17, 2009

Lost Theory: The Rest of Season Five

Now we are going to chat about the ending of season 5:

The producers of Lost like putting videos on the internet. These videos usually offer clues what is coming up on the show.

In the Orchid Video, we see Marvin Candle holding a rabbit for an experiment. We then see the same rabbit appearing in the room. Marvin freaks out and starts yelling don't let them come in contact.

Next up we have the dharma video from last years comic con. In this video Marvin Candle says that the time for games is over. He reveals his name is Pierre Chang and that everyone in Dharma is going to die in a purge. He begs someone, anyone to change the past. We then here Daniel's voice saying this is pointless and the camera is turned off.

So heres my guesses. I'm thinking that Daniel and Miles are going to tell Dr. Chang who they really are. Dr. Chang will make this video and then tell his wife to leave the island with baby Miles. I think Miles will come in contact with baby Miles (Remember, don't let the rabbits touch). This will cause the incident that is mentioned in some of the orientation videos. Dr. Chang will lose his arm trying to save Miles (In some videos he has a fake arm).

The jig will be up and Dharma will be coming after the Losties. They have to get back to their own time but the frozen wheel room is burning hot right now. (Remember the season premiere where the drills kept melting and we saw Daniel pushing some container). Daniel will freeze the room, but now its too cold to enter.

The solution: A polar bear. Daniel will strap a polar bear to the wheel. He turns the wheel and sends the Losties back to the present. And the poor polar bear will end up in Tunisia where it dies. Charolette will later find his skeleton in the desert as we have already seen.

Next: my final theory. The coming war.

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