Monday, August 31, 2009


Well that was unexpected.

The AlCave Action News Team presents our in depth coverage of this amazing announcement. In other words we make idle speculation that we can no way prove and is probably very, very wrong.

This is huge news, a win win. I'm hopeful that Disney will leave the comic book side of things alone. But there's an issue. A lot of Marvel's properties are at different movie studios.

Sony has Spider-man.
Fox has X-Men, Fantastic Four, Daredevil
Marvel Studios/Paramount have Captain America, Thor, Iron man, Antman, Hulk, and the Avengers.
New Line has Blade.
Lions Gate has Punisher.
Columbia Pictures has Ghost Rider.

Its a logistical nightmare. I'm sure Disney is going to do whatever it takes to get these movies back when contracts expire. So all of the heavy hitters are off the table, where does that leave Disney?

With a great library of secondary characters:

She Hulk
New warriors
Cloak and Dagger
Dr. Strange
The Inhumans
Agents of Atlas
Iron Fist
Luke Cage
Moon Knight

And that's just off the top of my head. Disney has 5,000 characters to choose from! 5,000!

Once they get the rights back from the other movie studios we could see a Secret Wars movie. Something that seemed impossible just a few days ago.

But wait there's more. There was a line of comics called Cross Gen that went under a few years ago. Guess who bought them? That's right Disney.

So does this mean that we'll see Disney comics produced by Marvel? Not necessarily. Disney has a deal in place right now with Boom! Studios. I wouldn't be surprised if BOOM! Studios isn't bought my Marvel/Disney in the near future.

As a Marvel Zombie, I'm pretty excited (and a little frightened) about this. The next few years for Marvel are going to be very interesting.


M K said...

Eh. To be realistic... We'll never see a movie based on any of those highly secondary characters you mentioned. Sorry man. I don't see "Agents of Atlas: The Movie!" as the next summer blockbuster.

This just seems like an odd corporate merger thing to me.

al said...

Actually Disney themselves said they were looking at the secondary characters to make movies based on them.

And don't knock Agents of Atlas. They have a talking gorilla on their team.

A Talking Gorilla!

Its actually a really good comic book based on Marvel characters from the 1950s. Back then Marvel was known as Atlas, hence the name.