Sunday, August 30, 2009

Looney Bay: Hate Monster In Training

Was today a day of doom? Maybe...

Lesson: Fruits of the spirit (Love)

Script: Java and Lenny flood the town so everyone moves in with Sam and Herm. Herm gets very stressed. The Hate Monster decides that this is the perfect time to spread hatred. Unfortunately his son Winky, doesn't want to be a hate monster. He wants to be a balloonist and fire weiner dogs out of a canon at passing balloons. Herm loses it after all his stuff is broke so he kicks everyone out. Winky then offers to help Herm clean up, spreading love instead of hate.

Thoughts: Winky is a great addition to the cast. He talks like one of the Beatles. We'll definately be seeing him again.

Adlibs/blunders: Things were going along great until Ben went off script and screamed OMG. A big no no. Lenny tried to distract the kids by diving over the wall. Unfortunately none of the kids really reacted to Ben's OMG outburst. Kinda sad really.

Oh and Jonathan went crazy with adlibs again at the end of the script. I think he has tourettes.

Overall: Great day until Ben's outburst.

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