Sunday, August 9, 2009

Looney Bay: The Snake Hunter

Its sunday so you know what that means.

Biblical Lesson: Jesus walking on the water

Script: A snake is loose in Looney Bay and Church Mouse is scared to death. The Amazing Who hypnotizes Church Mouse into not being scared. Church Mouse proceeds to beat the mess out of the snake. Amazing Who then informs Church Mouse that he really didn't hypnotize him. Church Mouse loses faith and the snake starts chasing him, until the owl shows up.

Thoughts: I'm still recovering from Al Flu so I was going to write myself out of the script. Somehow I ended up writing myself in every scene. Whoops.

Ad Libs/Blunders: I'm still trying to name the owl. This week I had Church Mouse call him Hooty which caused Church Mouse to break out into Hooty and the Blowfish songs. Back to the drawing board.

Overall: Okay day

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M K said...

Ah, I see. So you're teaching kids that lying to others, followed by violence, is an acceptable answer to their problems? Good one. I highly approve of this moral.