Saturday, July 18, 2009

Art Gallery

The posters for the VBS Wii Room are finally done!

Here's Matthew showing us how big the posters really are.

Down the Rabbit Hole

This Pacman Poster gave us a lot of problems. It started out as a donkey kong poster but was messed up so we converted it into a Pacman Poster. It took Lots of white out and black paint but we finally finished it.


You can't do video game artwork without Mario. I was going to also do a Raccoon Mario Poster also but I thought it would be Mario overkill.

The Hero Returns

The Legend of Zelda is probably the greatest game series of all time. We had some issues with Link's colors. Markers are not the easiest medium to work with.

Laughter Isn't Always the Best Medicine

I decided to do a poster of the dog from duck hunt that everyone loves to hate. A fun poster of a character that Nintendo really needs to bring back.

The call to adventure

Earthbound is my favorite game ever. So what if the kids have no idea what this quirky RPG is. I'm making the posters so I'm doing an Earthbound poster. Phones play a big role in the game, hence the poster name.

Primal Rage

This was the first poster I started working on and I think it's one of the better ones.

Girl Power

I wanted to do a weird poster combining characters from different games, so I came up with the idea for the Girl Power poster. My wife is confused why Samus is on the poster. Nobody tell her, okay.

Invaders Spaced

This poster was a lot of fun. I thought a traditional shot of space invaders would be boring, so I came up with the idea of doing an Andy Warhol styled poster.

Frogger Nation

And finally we have Frogger Nation. This was the last poster I thought up. I wanted to do a classic game and Frogger just barely beat out Excitebike.

I want to thank my mom and wife for all their help coloring posters. You guys rock.

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