Thursday, July 30, 2009

Christmas Delayed until March 2010

(Taken from a post by Kobun Heat at the Neogaf boards)

HEAVEN, The Infinite Cosmos -- Citing concerns about the economic downturn, the holiday of Christmas has been delayed to March 2010, representatives of Heaven said today.

Ordinarily held on December 25, the most holy Birthday of our Lord and Savior Jesus, who is also the Christ, the holiday will now be bumped back to an unspecified spring date before the end of Heaven's fiscal year, which ends on March 31.

"The holiday season has really been getting packed, and we think our product is going to get lost in the shuffle," said Yahweh, God The Almighty Most High in an emailed statement today.

"I mean, seriously, have you seen those night vision glasses for Modern Warfare 2? I already have a gloriously perfect view of all beings across the indescribably vast infinity of time and space, but those things are sick," said God.

Reports that Heaven's next major release, Easter, would be delayed until fall 2010 were unconfirmed as of press time.

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