Thursday, July 9, 2009

possible TMNT Smash Up fighters

TMNT Smash Up for the wii will be here in September. Today we take a look at some possible candidates for playable characters:

Fugitoid - Chances: HIGH

Fugitoid is a fugitive robot on the run from the Triceratons and others. He's appeared in the original comics, the 2003 cartoon, and had a few toys made. IGN has hinted that he's in the game so don't be suprised if he makes an appearance.

Baxter Stockman - Chances: HIGH

Shredder's head scientist and inventor of the mousers is one of the oldest TMNT characters. Over the years he's taken many forms from brain in a jar to mutant fly. He's appeared in the Mirage comics, the 1987 toon, the 2003 toon, and has had several toys. I'd be suprised if he doesn't make the cut. Just don't expect his fly form from the 1987 toon.

Karai - Chances: HIGH

Shredder's adopted daughter wore the Shredder armor after Shredder's demise. She's appeared in the 2003 toon, the TMNT movie, has an action figure and the mirage comics. She'll probably make the cut.

Hun - Chances: GOOD

Hun is the leader of the Purple Dragons. He's appeared in the 2003 toon and has an action figure. Not the most popular character but I could see him making an appearance.

Triceraton - Chances: GOOD

If there's a Fugitoid, then you need a Triceraton to chase after him. The Triceratons have appeared in the mirage comics, the 1987 toon, the 2003 toon, the fast forward toon, and have had several action figures. They're probably in.

Leatherhead - Chances: GOOD

Leatherhead is a mutant aligator scientist created by the Utroms by accident. He's been both a villain and an ally to the turtles. He's appeared in the mirage comics, the archie comics, the 1987 toon, the 2003 toon, and had several action figures. Yeah he's probably in the game.

Rat King - Chances: GOOD

The mysterious Rat King lives in the sewers and has an army of rats. He's appeared in the mirage comics, the archie comics, the 1987 toon, the 2003 toon, and had several action figures. He's a good candidate for the game.

Agent Bishop - Chances: GOOD

Agent Bishop is a mysterious government official who has been around for several hundred years and has a special interest in the turtles. He has appeared in the 2003 toon and the Fast Forward Series. The game seems to be based on the 2003 designs so I wouldn't be suprised if Agent Bishop makes an appearance.

Usagi Yojimbo - Chances: OKAY

Usagi Yojimbo is a rabbit samurai from another world. Usagi has appeared in the original comic series, the 1987 toon as well as the 2003 toon. He's had a few action figures as well. The problem is he's owned by Stan Sakai. Its possible that he'll be playable but there are legal hurdles to jump through.

Mondo Gecko - Chances: SLIM

Mondo Gecko is a skateboarding, rock music singing, Gecko. He's appeared in the 1987 toon, the TMNT archie's comic, the Mutanimals Archie comic and has had a few action figures. Next to Leatherhead he's probably the most popular Mutanimal. Like his fellow mutanimals, Mondo has been out of the spotlight for a long time.

The other Mutanimals - Chances: SLIM

The rest of the Mutanimal crew is Wingnut, Screwloose, Dreadmon, Jagwar, and Ray Fillet. Dreadmon and Jagwar were only seen in the archie comics but the others have had cartoon and toy line appearances. We haven't seen these characters in a long time but they are due to get a new comic miniseries so who knows.

Bebop and Rocksteady - Chances: SLIM

Shredder's 2 lovable flunkies have appeared in most of the 1987 cartoon episodes, have had several action figures, appeared in the Archie Comics, and have appeared in several video games. So why are their chances slim? Peter Laird, co-creator of the turtles, has stated on his blog that he is tired of the characters and that they were over-exposed on the 1987 toon. Peter is directly involved with the game so chances are slim. The duo is set to appear in a special cartoon movie this fall so you never know...

Slash - Chances: SLIM

The popular evil turtle from dimension X hasn't been seen in some time. He appeared in the Archie comics and the 1987 toon. He's had an action figure. The fan's love him but he's been MIA for a looooong time. Not a good sign.

Zach the 5th Turtle Chances - none

Zach was a kid who wanted to be a ninja turtle and that's about it. Just go away Zach.

Well there's my list of guesses. We might get two more characters or 20... who knows. If we get most of these guys, I'll be a happy camper.

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