Sunday, July 12, 2009

Looney Bay Review: We don't have time for rainbows, this is serious

Another week, another children's church puppet script.

Biblical Lesson: Noah's Ark and God's rainbow promise.

Script: Due to a plumbing clog a flood is imminent in Looney Bay. Joey misunderstands and pulls a chicken little. He runs though the town telling everyone that the whole world is going to be flooded. Petey the dog doesn't want to help because he is too busy staring at rainbows. Never mind, that he is colorblind.

Joey then seeks Dr. Hootenanny's help. The doctor has a toy boat. He says he has a shrink ray that they can use to shrink the town and load everyone on the boat. Joey runs off and uses the shrink ray on his older brother Geo. The pipes burst and the flood starts. Joey finds out that the flood wasn't a big deal and miniaturized Geo gets attacked by ants.

Thoughts: Crazy script. Kids really seemed to enjoy it. Dr. Hootenanny and his pet owl are becoming really popular with the kids.

Ad libs/Blunders: Jonathan kept saying stuff that the kids couldn't hear and making Ben laugh. Ben couldn't stop laughing and couldn't say his lines. So of course Petey (me) started going off script. I asked the peanut gallery to quiet down because Joey starts laughing and he has a weak bladder and the last thing we need is another flood.

Dr. Hootenanny's owl is supposed to only say a two word reply "Oh really" to everything the doctor says. Then the Doctor gets annoyed and tells the owl to clam up. That's the whole running joke. Jonathan went way off script and started having the owl talk in complete sentences and everything went totally nuts. The doctor then publicly chastised him in front of the kids which only made him do it more. It was unscripted chaos... but still fun.

Overall: Good Day

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