Sunday, July 26, 2009

Looney Bay Reviews: Moose Flu/The Great Debate

The blog returns to normal this week with 2 Looney Bay Puppet show reviews:

First up we have "Moose Flu"

Biblical Lesson: Your sins will find you out

Script: Moose Flu has hit Looney Bay and the moose have been quarantined. Red and Fred, the two brothers from North Dakota, love mooses and pay Amoose a visit. Amoose sneezes on Red and soon the virus spreads. Red and Fred end up quarantined.

Thoughts: Jonathan and Ben took over the roles of Red and Fred. They did a pretty good job. Red and Fred are very hit and miss. Some weeks the kids love them and sometimes they don't. The kids seemed a bit bored with them.

Ad Libs/Blunders: Red and Fred's sneezing fit was pretty darn funny.

Overall: Kinda blah but its a Red and Fred script so what do you expect.

"The Great Debate"

Biblical Lesson: The Tower of Babel

Script: Its debate day in Looney Bay so everyone is having debates. Dr. Hootenanny has just developed Jibber Jabber juice. A struggle breaks out between the doctor and his pet owl and the juice is knocked into the city's water. Now everyone is talking jibberish except for Java. Turns out that pigs are immune to jibber jabber juice so a cure is found.

Thoughts: Everyone was pretty wore out from VBS so we did a light script. I can't tell if the kids are getting tired of Dr. Hootenanny and the hoot owl. I'll probably give them a break.

Ad Libs/Blunders: Kids were pretty rowdy. Probably do to VBS.

Overall: Fun script.

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