Monday, July 6, 2009

Looney Bay Review: Good Golly Miss Molly

For those who don't know, I write weekly puppet scripts for children's church. These are usually done at the last minute and things always seem to go haywire. I thought it would be fun to keep track of the scripts and see if today was a good day or day of doom.

Biblical Lesson: Adam and Eve and the Forbidden Fruit

Script: Officer Goodman announced that some fireworks were banned for being too dangerous. Joey and Petey were sad that Geo wasn't going to be here for this year's firework show. In the past Geo had several firework shows that always ended with Petey the dog being fired out of a canon. Geo showed up and announced the firework show was on. Joey went to pick up the fireworks. He bought some from Dr. Hootenanny and thought they were pretty boring. The devil soon approached him and sold him some of the forbidden fireworks. The firework show began and the grand finale approached. Geo fired Petey out of the canon and there was an explosion. Geo temporarily lost his hearing and his clothes. Joey vowed never to touch dangerous things again but then decided to go pet the neighbor's pit pull.

Thoughts: Fun script. Lots of excitement for the kids.

The big news this week was the big return of Geo, a puppet my brother Tim had previously done. John took over the role and did a great job.

Adlibs/Blunders: During the explosion, a piece of wood fell and almost killed our puppeteer Jonathan.

During the "explosion" the Geo puppet became stuck on top of the Rat Trap Hotel. Also the script didn't call for Geo's clothes to get blown off, that was all John's doing.

The puppets tend to have a mind of their own sometime. The script only called for Petey to get angry at Joey for the accident. But once the scene started I felt that Petey would be really, really upset that Joey had hurt Geo. Geo is Petey's owner after all. Petey dove over the set and actually attacked Joey. I felt it was totally in character so I just went with it. Not sure how it came across to the kids :/

Overall: Good day

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